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About Us


Who we are

A team of professionals ventured into the services sector to delivery what the market lacks – A one-stop solution to make your online presence effective.


Professionalism is what you expect and what we provide. Every member of our team is trained to make every interaction of yours pleasing.


Quality is the need of the day. With numerous players in the market, we leave our footprint with our quality and are committed to place it ahead of everything.


With our services ranging from designing to development and content creation, we have it all that is needed to get you the best results.

Our brief history

A little about how we were born

Why don’t we start something to address the lack of one-stop online presence hub

said one of our founder

This is how we, a team of tech professionals decided to lay the foundation for Abk Multiservices in 2015. After a severe struggle managing a different team for every skill, we decided to avert this struggle for our clients looking for bunch of services. With the aim of presenting an idea effectively on the internet, a team of professionals joined hands together to deliver excellence in different domains of web design and development, SEO, marketing and content creation.

We knew something is wrong. We also knew what we can do about it.

A well-trained team led by experts in each domain; we represent clarity of ideas, responsible actions, hunger for perfection and the will to provide 100% satisfaction. With each passing year, we have grown exponentially. New team members added, increased workload, and double the number of clients. We hold ourselves accountable to each one of you and let our happy clients speak on behalf of us.

Our Mission

To become a one-stop online branding solution to drive your business growth.

A compelling online presence is not only a wish but a need for business.

Our mission is to help your business grow swiftly by providing online branding solutions at one place. Be it design, content curation or web development, you can leave it all on us. We want to help establish a message convincingly and lead growth. We promise to drive traffic towards you, clear the pathways, and construct a road-map to follow. Becoming the backend force of your online existence. We are hopeful of combining all the threads together successfully.

Our Vision

Organise the market for services pertaining to the online presence with in-house expertise for all the domains.

For long, the market has remained unorganized and inexorable. We are striving to bring key solutions of online branding at one place and merging them into one. We want to assemble services, fix the unfair pay, hold customer’s satisfaction higher and repair long-term bonds.

We ensure that working with us is not an agreement but an undertaking of uprightness and trust.

How do we work?


Requirement Gathering & Documentation

Our experts dedicate their time to understand your requirements elaborately. They help you in documenting your requirements and brief you about the further process.


Brainstorming & Planning

Our team gets started immediately on the gathered requirements. The team lays out a development & delivery plan to ensure that we meet the expected deadlines


Designing & Development

With the deadline in view, the team starts working on the tasks. We follow agile and scrum based approaches to keep a consistent check on the progress of every task.


Quality Assurance & Testing

Each project is passed through 3 stages of testing & quality assurance. Our quality assurance & handover team ensures the work quality meets the clients expectations.



At times, it becomes difficult to choose from numerous service providers. After all, it is your business at stake. We provide you our unique factors which provide you a reason to choose us

  • All Services Under One Roof

    We are a one-stop solution for all your online presence needs.

  • Round the clock availability

    Timezones do not restrict deter our experts. Our team is up for service any time.

  • Subject Matter Expert for Every Task

    Every task at hand is managed by a concerned subject matter expert

  • We value satisfaction over money

    At Abk Multi-services, we believe in growing with the client

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