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Boosting online booking business with Chatbot

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Boosting online booking business with Chatbot


Numerous business today have been making a shift towards the e-commerce industry to boost their revenue. In this race, it becomes essential to reach out to customers through a portal where they spend most of their time, which is online. Companies have to keep up with fresh things in the market. If they do not, they have to suffer the consequences. Online booking businesses are facing problems due to the same reason. With a chatbot, the online booking agencies have taken a step to progress towards changing the customer experience and making it worthwhile. In this article, we take you through the process of understanding how Chatbots have been helping online business in the booking industry to improve the overall customer experience and get more customer satisfaction in the process.

Problems faced by booking businesses presently

The online booking industry experiences a cut-throat competition these days. They are all in a race to earn better revenues while maintaining a great level of customer satisfaction. This section tries to highlight precisely what problems the business are going through in this process.

Does it work? yes or no
Does it work? yes or no

Here is a list of some issues they encounter:

  • They are not able to respond to customer queries and complaints in an effective way
  • Customers start feeling that they are not being given undivided attention from the company for their queries
  • With a limited number of customer service providers, customers are kept on hold for a longer duration during communication
  • Fresh personnel have to be trained for dealing effectively with customers, which tends to increase the costs of the company
  • If response time is higher, a negative impression is left on the customer about the company
  • Interaction with huge numbers of customers and potential customers on a daily basis, many at the same time, is nearly unachievable
  • Due to limitations of human personnel, customers can only contact the business for their queries during business hours only
  • Availability of quality customer service providers is always not guaranteed, especially on a busy day

Chatbots – Improving the customer service

Improving the customer service
Improving the customer service

Chatbots are said to be the forthcoming of booking services. They use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive conversations and qualify leads of high potential for booking sites. Companies like MakeMyTrip, cleartrip, GoIbibo are also adapting to the use of chatbots on WhatsApp. Customer interaction becomes easier and smoother due to their involvement.

The bots add a wow factor to company sites, making customers feel more valued. Consumer’s calls are reduced and response time improves drastically which lends a hand in helping customer satisfaction reach a new height. With human effort alone, it may prove difficult to provide an experience of personalization, so AI must be brought in to fulfil that part of customer service. After all, a happy consumer is the best a company can provide. So, how can you use chatbots to bring improvement to your business? Move ahead to find out!

Using chatbots to improve your business

chatbots to improve your business
chatbots to improve your business

The future of marketing lies in the hands of chatbots. They give you a chance to provide consistency and an increase in the chances of conversion of lead for your business. In a digitalized era, such as now, you can get the updated services at a reasonable cost that can be relied on. Here are a few things that are bound to improve if you use chatbots:

  • Development of a better relationship with customers: Chatbots have data provided by your company about the services that you provide. Consumers get more knowledge and expert advice about your products, which helps them rely on your company.
  • Quick solutions: Queries of customers can be resolved almost instantly, within a reasonable amount of time. There is not much of a holdback or wait, and customers leave satisfied after receiving priority response.
  • Instant feedback: Apart from solving consumer issues, you get to receive feedback from customers regarding the product of the company. It will let you know about the success of the service, along with any improvements required.
  • 24-hour service: Consumers can have their queries resolved at their convenience. There will be no particular business hours for customer service.
  • Competitive advantage: Competitors on the market can be left behind by providing additional serviced to the customers through the chatbot.

Creating your chatbot – Do’s and Dont’s

chatbot – Do’s and Dont’s
chatbot – Do’s and Dont’s

In order to create the perfect chatbot for a business, there are some do’s and dont’s that should be followed. Read on to find out about a few of them:

  • Create an attractive chatbot, but not too unprofessional. Just like everything else, too much or too less is never recommended. Attracting customers is your key.
  • Customers should be able to approach your chatbot and rely on it too. There is no use of having a service that does not appeal to the customer. Make sure your chatbot is designed like that.
  • A bot which provides all the necessary information is a must.
  • It must be simple enough to be understood and handled by any customer.
  • Excessive advertisements may cause disinterest in a customer, so avoid them.

Getting started

Do you want to make the first impression on your customers effective? Are you finding the creation of chatbots difficult? Here we are, with the most brilliant team of experts to give you the required solution. We at ABK Multiservices are here to help you create bots at the best prices and surpass all the tricky challengers in retaining and gaining new clients. Drop in a text in our inbox and connect with our various professionals!

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