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Chatbot – The AI powered way to Improve your Bounce rate

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Chatbot – The AI powered way to Improve your Bounce rate

Introduction – Chatbot, the conversation starter

If you have a business in the digital field, you may have tried different marketing strategies for attracting traffic and generating customers. As users spend time on your site, it portrays their rate of engagement which can tell you about how appealing your website actually is. However, the best feature which has proved to improve all aspects required for a business to grow and flourish today are chatbots. They are a conversation starter powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) which can be enabled with human-like features to talk to your visitors and potential customers for improved customer satisfaction. A chatbot engages users on your site to hold them longer and appeal to them with different attractive services offered by your company. The details and responses given by the users are captured and sent to you and also kept in data files of the chatbot with the help of machine learning. Using technology as such will increase the potential of visitors being converted into leads. It is an innovation which has changed digital marketing completely.

Understanding Bounce Rate

Understanding Bounce Rate
Understanding Bounce Rate

What is bounce rate? Bounce rate refers to the speed at which users visiting your website jump out of it. It is known to affect the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking of a website pretty badly. If your business is suffering from a bad bounce rate, your potential to generate leads may reduce highly and your company will lose potential traffic. It is a catastrophe for businesses that operate online because of the way your website may be portrayed. This is what makes it important for you to understand bounce rate and aim at improving it. And while chatbots are probably the ultimate solution for it, there are other ways too that you could adopt.

In order for you to maintain your business and website’s potential to gain customers and further improve it, there are multiple things you could do. Enhancing your site’s bounce rate may be more about the portrayal of information or the lack of it. Following are a few things you should consider doing:

  • Blogs are an excellent way to provide users a variety of information about your business and the services you provide. Writing engaging ones will not only make it more valuable but also increase the amount of time a user spends on your website.
  • Content on your website needs to be aimed at providing a proper insight into the goals of your business and how you wish to execute it. You need to portray your services in a way that will be attractive along with being informative.
  • Knowledgeable videos or any interesting graphics can be used to lengthen the amount of time a visitor stays on your site. It is common to see pages with such data in order to improve their bounce rate.
  • Engaging users interactively will be the last, but indeed not the least of all the methods. Nothing holds customers better than someone or something to engage with. Having your questions answered always clears a pathway for clarity and the interest to know more.

Chatbot – Your engagement agent

You have to consider all the good that a chatbot can do for your website. It will be among the best of decisions you will have ever made due to the fact that it can improve overall user experience on your website. With chatbots, visitors are most likely to spend some extra time to play around with it and test it in various ways. They will even leave their email addresses when urged to do so for getting any future updates. The use of an AI technology intrigues the minds of people visiting your business online and makes them want to get various information from your chatbot. This leads them to several eye-catching offers that your company may offer and shows them the potential that your business holds. In many cases, an interesting chatbot has also converted users into potential leads. It is all about timing, interests and customer satisfaction. The more customer-centric your company shall seem; the more clients will flock to you.

Getting a Lead Generation Chatbot

With the current situation of technological advancement and numerous online platforms offering you services, it might be more difficult than it seems to get your own custom chatbot. Getting a lead generation chatbot is not easy to acquire as different businesses have different aspects to follow through. That is where we, ABK Multiservices, as a company come in. We have the best team of experts and engineers to tend to your needs and give you valuable advice. We will help you by noting the requirements for your website and build a chatbot accordingly. If you want a bot up and running within the best price range and quality, Abk Multiservices is the one for you. We aim at providing you with eminence and class. Connect with us today!


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anshusri / June 18, 2019

Found content is very useful.Thanks for sharing.

Abk Multiservices / June 18, 2019

Thank you Anshushri. Feel free to connect if you have any requirements for a Chatbot development.


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