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Chatbot powered by Google DialogFlow

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Chatbot powered by Google DialogFlow


Dialog flow (formerly known as ‘’), which is a software development suite owned by Google, is an interface used in the development of various chatbot, IoT applications and mobile applications to facilitate AI-powered actions. This particular engine is primarily based on natural language processing which is further supported by Machine Learning. This allows it to record information like user preference, dialogue history and location of the user.

Chatbot with DialogFlow at Abk Multiservices

It can also monitor its own interactions with clients and visitors, which helps it further adjust and evolve its mode of conversation. The software is based on Google Cloud infrastructure which allows you to scale more than a million users globally. There are so many possibilities you can explore with Google dialogue enabling you to approach users in an engaging voice or text-based conversational interfaces. This not only creates and improved impression amongst future potential clients but also keeps the user experience fresh and diverse.

Understanding role of Google DialogFlow for building chatbot

Multi-channel bots with Google Dialogflow

Websites are now using robotic software like Chatbots in order to increase client interaction and website traffic by facilitating naturalised human conversations through the use of texts and voice commands. Machine Learning allows your chatbot to seem more intuitive and interactive to the user, making them feel more comfortable in interacting with an AI. One of the best parts in employing DialogFlow in developing your chatbot is that it supports over 14+ languages that can be programmed over 16+ programming languages. It provides powerful Software Development Kits (SDKs) for all types of web apps, mobile apps as well as wearables. It is also quite compatible with over 14+ chat platforms varying between Alexa, messenger, Google Home, and so on.

Benefits of Google DialogFlow

Benefits of Google DialogFlow

Employing Google DialogFlow as the primary SDK for your website or application allows your AI chatbot to be more interactive with clients while also introducing diversity in the mode of conversation after each chat. This is primarily possible due to advance Machine Learning enabling the software to record and learn from each conversation new suitable approaches to the client. It is quite easily compatible with a wide range of platforms making it highly accessible to a lot of users. It doesn’t matter if the user is stationed indoors or on the go,DialogFlow offers cross-device support among a variety of smart devices, cars, speakers, fitness bands and plenty of other wearables. There is no need to worry about client conversations getting lost in translation since the user is able to choose from amongst 14+ different languages to chat in. Google DialogFlow is also configured with analytics tools that allows you track the progress of your chatbot via machine learning. Smart wearables like the fitness band can be easily operated via serverless apps by usingDialogFlow. Using an AI interface like DialogFlow that constantly records and stores data responses from its user interactions allows you to enjoy extra features like automated phone services and even auto spelling corrections via text.

Get the right assistance to build your own bots

Building your own chatbots

What DevKits like Google DialogFlow actually offers is the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in this competitive era of smart devices and AIs. You can now not only interact with millions of users in a highly engaging and creative manner but also gives you an advantageous edge over your competition. Even you can now easily avail the right type of chatbot service for your app or website at just the right price. Integrating your website with a constantly evolving AI gives it the potential to attract a far larger client base as users are now growing more accustomed to the prompt reply and quick access to preliminary information offered by your chatbot. Even though getting your own Google DialogFlow interface for your chatbot is certainly a step up the ladder but the more you delay the more you give your competition a time advantage.

Previously, interacting with clients and potential customers visiting your website through manual chats limited your scope via time and platform. Now, with chatbot technology becoming smarter and instinctual in nature with DialogFlow, you can easily transcend barriers and tap in to a larger pool of clients. With an increase in accessibility, your website or app can easily adopt a chat bot for more refined information exchange but then again one needs to familiarize themselves with the their specific SDK compatibility. How to find out what is best compatible for your chatbot experience? Here is where the need for expert advice and technical supports enters the arena. Find out which type of SDK package and API is best compatible with your app, website and client base. Explore your various options in making a lasting impact in your client for further prosperous future prospects. Get connected with our experts at ABK Multiservices and find out the various ways you can make your chatbot a client friendly and creatively enjoyable application.

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