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Multi-lingual medical guidance chatbot – Your 24×7 healthcare assistant

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Multi-lingual medical guidance chatbot – Your 24×7 healthcare assistant


The need of medical facilities today is profuse throughout the world. With the increasing population and not enough services for patients, it has become a worldwide problem that everyone is facing. Healthcare chatbot serve a solution to such issues by being a guide for patients. They are capable of directing patients according to the symptoms they are suffering from and give personalised recommendations. In the era where mobile devices are more accessible than healthcare, these bots can be a useful and convenient tool for users to receive education and advice about medical assistance. The precise and complex nature of health science language also demands for communication in a language which suit the native people. This is where multi-lingual medical guidance chatbots come in. They may not be a replacement to human doctors, but they do serve as tools for self-diagnosis.

Present scenario of Healthcare system

The current scenario of the healthcare system presents itself in a way that screams the lack of availability of doctors. You will find several remote areas today that are totally disconnected from any kind of medical facilities or even a whiff of it. It might be shocking to hear this, but such situations still prevail in a hefty number, some of which are known and some unknown. The correct guidance on medicines and the side effects caused by it are also not available completely in most places. It is even difficult to receive reminders for doctor’s appointments and medicine. The intention and ambitions with which the healthcare system was created has started to fall short due the limitations being faced. A solution to make it more available to people and spread awareness has to be adopted so that there can be flourishment.

Steps to improve the Healthcare system

In order to improve the overall system of healthcare from its core, there needs to be a complete change in the way things are done. Whether it is medical guidance or the way things are communicated. Here are a few improvements that can be made with the use of advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology:

  • The communication frequency needs to be improved with the implication of smart hybrid applications.
  • The system should be enhanced by the installation of chatbots so that the queries of patients can be answered at any point of time according to their needs.
  • Patients can be guided to find the required information through chatbots.
  • Help people connect with doctors dealing with their diseases by making them answer basic questions automatically as they try to contact you.

As you have already witnessed, chatbots are the ultimate solution for problems being faced by the healthcare system. They can be highly advantageous, if used and applied in the right field and manner. Several other benefits of the bots in the medical field are mentioned below:

  • Chatbots make it easier for people to book appointments without any hassle.
  • Due to their availability, patients are responded to way faster than before.
  • A simplified alert system can be set up to remind patients when it is time for their medicine.
  • A better management of knowledge database for patients is received.
  • Multi-lingual chatbots make communication easy for the natives trying to reach out to a facility.
  • People will not have to wait for doctors, chatbots can temporarily diagnose them for future reference and calm them down till a doctor reaches out.

Benefits for the hospitals on deploying chatbots

By deploying chatbots, hospitals and other medical organizations will be able to manage a greater number of patients. Their efforts of appointment booking will be reduced greatly, which will save them time and energy to indulge in something more fruitful. Chatbots can make patients more knowledgeable about the details of their diagnoses, and the institution about to take care of them. It will help in making them trust the hospital more. Patient satisfaction is also hugely improved what with quicker service in the initial steps without any delay and one to one conversation with the bot. If needed, the chatbots may also act as an emotional agent of care for the patient in need.

Getting a chatbot for your healthcare facility

After understanding the need of chatbots in the healthcare field, you must engage as quickly as possible to find the correct one for yourself. At ABK Multiservices, we aim to tread deep into your requirements and build customized multi-lingual medical guidance chatbots into domains of multiple functions. We make acquiring your own chatbot an easy task. Each of our bots are specific to the industry they are deployed for and are backed up by our team of superbly skilled Chatbot developers. Rest assured, the process of establishing your chatbot is much easier in our hands. Contact us and leave a message so that our team of experts can call you to discuss the features of your chatbot today!


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